Spiritual Discussion Guide

Spiritual Discussion Questions

  • What’s your spiritual background?
  • What are hinge moments in your life that led you away from past beliefs or toward current beliefs?
  • In your faith journey, what is one thing that causes you to doubt?
  • In your faith journey, what is one thing that leads you to believe?
  • Name a religious teaching that you like, but find difficult to follow or live up to OR that you don’t like or disagree with, and is a stumbling block to your faith.
  • Do you believe any realms beyond the physical exist? Why?
  • Have you ever had a supernatural/spiritual experience that you feel comfortable sharing?
  • What do you believe happens after you die and why? Many religions have a concept of eternity and of heaven/hell or reward/punishment in an afterlife. How do the concepts of good and evil; of justice, mercy, and love; and your concept of “God” interplay in your beliefs about the afterlife?
  • Describe your spiritual journey and where you are currently.
  • Why believe? Why do you hold on to your spiritual beliefs? What attracts you to them?
  • Describe your family background and the community(s) you grew up in. What is one of the best qualities/values/lessons you want to pass on from your upbringing? What is something about yourself that made you feel like an outsider in the family or community in which you were raised?

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