The Bad, the Good, and the Beautiful

Romans 8:28 is a frequently quoted, beautiful verse often used in very harmful ways: In all things God works for the good of those who love him. Though God does work in all things for the good of those who love Him, God’s goodness should never be used to justify or diminish suffering.

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Personal Journey

Finding My Voice (in the wilderness) – Part 2

Sometimes I think I’m done writing for awhile, and then I stumble across something that reminds me of all the pain still trapped inside. This week I stumbled upon an article on social media entitled A Southern Baptist Pastor’s Plea: Please Listen, and I started bleeding again. Watching a complementarian man receive praise for “listening”…

Problems with Patriarchy

The Apostle Paul Led Me Out of Patriarchy

Three influential factors that led me out of complementary/patriarchal theology: the racism inherent in allowing white women to teach BIPOC men overseas but not white men in our own churches,…

Love & Submit ≠ Husbands Lead, Wives Submit

Jesus teaches the foundation of Christianity is for all believers to “Love God” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Later, Paul expounds that love includes mutual submission: “Submit to one…

Holy Tensions

Holy Tension

The difficulty of holding the tension of seemingly opposed truths create many of the dividing forces between different sects of Christianity. Danger arises when you cling too tightly to one…

The False Dichotomy of Truth & Love

In my former corner of Christianity, sermons often pitted truth and love against each other because of a poor interpretation of Eph 4:15:


Sexual Healing in the Song of Songs

I wanted to share specific ways I found sexual healing in Scripture as a woman raised in a Christian culture that overwhelming focuses on male sexual desire.

Community Building

Spiritual Discussion Guide

I’ve facilitated hundreds of bible studies over the years, in many different cultural settings, both for people who identify as Christian and those who don’t, who are seeking spiritual answers.…

Craft and Conversation Table

A resource for community building, easily adjusted to meet group needs. We live in a culture of loneliness, paradoxically plagued by oversharing in digital spaces and trivial conversation in our…

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Rule & Desire Revisited

This article is a follow-up to an earlier post, Age of Patriarchy: Desire of Woman & Rule of Man.

Finding My Voice (in the wilderness) – Part 1

Living in “complementarian” spaces was death by a thousand cuts. It can be hard to articulate, because each cut on its own sounds petty. Also, some of my pain is…

“Married Sex” Lacks Strong Biblical Exegesis

A book review of Married Sex by Gary Thomas and Debra Fileta. (For more articles related to the problematic content of this book, see The Prude or Slut Conundrum in…