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Sexual Healing in the Song of Songs

I wanted to share specific ways I found sexual healing in Scripture as a woman raised in a Christian culture that overwhelming focuses on male sexual desire.

When I originally envisioned starting a blog, sex was not high on the list of things on which I planned on writing. But here I am. Currently, I am working on a much longer article about a pivotal moment I experienced while studying the Song of Songs—I discovered that the word “desire” in Song of Songs 7:10 is the same Hebrew word used in the curse of Genesis 3:16 and also Genesis 4:7. Remarkably, these three verses are the only times this Hebrew word occurs in the Bible. In the process of working on that piece (which will deal with sex more indirectly), I realized I wanted to share how I experienced sexual healing in my marriage studying Scripture. It’s a key part of the journey I perplexing left out (and have since updated) when I originally penned my article Viagra, Vibrators, and Vulvas, Oh My! about being the higher-drive spouse. (Ironically, exploring Song of Songs with an ESV study guide also freed me from the chains of complementarianism, aka, “Christian” patriarchy, which I hope to write more about in my next post.)

So here’s a list of a few ways I benefited from studying the biblical Song using Jay Harvey’s ESV Knowing the Bible Song of Solomon study guide.

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